FCF SmallCap / Growth

(Revenues of € 20-100 millions)

FCF SmallCap / Growth structures and implements client specific financing strategies for SMEs and growth companies in a digital manufacturing financing process

Financing Solutions

FCF SmallCap / Growth focuses on profitable “small and medium-sized enterprises” (SMEs) as well as growth companies – the “rising stars” – in the German-speaking region:
SmallCap (SMEs) – Profitable small and medium-sized enterprises:
  • Region: headquartered in Germany, Austria or Switzerland (DACH)
  • Revenue: between EUR 20m and EUR 100m
  • EBITDA: EUR 5m or more
  • Ownership structure: family business, private equity, publicly listed
Growth (Growth companies – “rising stars” with double-digit revenue growth rates):
  • Region: headquartered in Germany, Austria or Switzerland (DACH)
  • Revenue: between EUR 20m and EUR 100m
  • Growth rates: double-digit revenue growth rates (>10% p.a.)
  • Ownership structure: family business, private equity, publicly listed

These SMEs and growth companies are suppliers / manufacturers of established and innovative services, products and solutions in the following industries, among others:

  • Automotive supplier
  • Construction & infrastructure
  • Chemistry
  • Services
  • Forestry, paper & packaging
  • Logistics & transport
  • Mechanical & plant engineering
  • Metals & materials
  • Pharma
  • TMT (Technology, media & telecommunications)
Despite the diversity of industries, SMEs and growth companies have a lot in common: While SMEs have grown into established, profitable companies in recent years and decades, growth companies, due to their innovative ability and management skills, have been able to progress significantly faster than the economy and often faster than their competitors.
Cross-industry mega-trends, such as digitalization / Industry 4.0, globalization, demographic and climate change as well asconsolidation trends continuously change the markets and market conditions for all companies. However, the required safeguarding and expansion of the market position / further growth also poses challenges for these companies. Research and development (R&D), internationalization and the working capital build-up, personnel and capacity / infrastructure expansion necessary to scale the business model require high up-front investments.
However, SMEs and growth companies often face significant obstacles regarding their financings. The capital requirement is often considered a malus in the credit rating of the company by traditional financiers, such as banks.
In addition to traditional bank financings, SMEs and growth companies can also revert to alternative and innovative financing instruments such as asset-based financings to meet the increased financing requirements (triggered by working capital, investments and , if applicable, acquisitions) as part of their growth and corporate strategy.


FCF SmallCap / Growth offers SMEs and growth companies the full range of financial and transaction advisory services: From financing strategy to structuring and placement. As an independent financial advisor, we identify and implement the optimal financing strategy for our clients. Two factors are the key to our success: Firstly, our know-how on all financing instruments and our creativity in combining these instruments. Furthermore our close and trusting relationships to all relevant investors and financiers.

In developing the optimal financing structure, we use our expertise as a financing specialist for SMEs and growth companies in following financing instruments:

With a strong banking partner or a strong banking syndicate, short, medium and long-term financing requirements can be met at historically low interest rates. However, instead of merely optimizing the interest rate conditions, the decision should also be based on the other (approximately ten) relevant contractual conditions and the choice of banks for a long-term and successful partnership.

FCF regularly implements proactive, self-determined and optimized debt financing strategies with clients.

Existing and future fixed and current assets can be optimally and efficiently integrated into corporate financings through asset-based forms of financing, such as sale-and-lease-back / leasing, inventory warehousing, sale of receivables / factoring and borrowing base. Balance sheet financial liabilities can often be converted into off-balance sheet obligations. Rating-relevant financial key figures such as the equity ratio and net debt can be optimized and, if necessary, hidden reserves can be increased.

FCF systematically analyses assets on the asset side and includes asset-based financing instruments of leading providers to the holistic financing strategy.

To strengthen the economic equity without diluting existing shareholders, a number of debt funds and mezzanine providers offer alternative debt capital solutions. Development banks such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) or the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) are also interesting providers of capital to promote corporate growth and innovation.

FCF is the leading advisor for EIB financings in the DACH region and has an excellent network to all relevant debt funds and mezzanine investors.

Financial investors, strategic investors and family offices as equity providers can, as minority investors in a capital increase, be a strong anchor and sparring partner for the further growth of companies.

FCF systematically identifies, based on industry, geography and investment volume, the equity and growth capital providers relevant to the company.


Team Professionals

team of


investment banking professionals with 100+ years of experience


extensive network of


financing providers with excess to senior decision makers


in excess of

€ 4bn

total transaction volume advised by FCF


more than


completed transactions in 15 years




periodically updated research reports


SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE

EIB Debt Facility
December 2020
€ 30 million

Investment in

Advisor to AkrosA Private Equity GmbH & Co. KG
December 2018
> € 10 million

GSE Group Acquisition by Finexx

Acquisition Financing
December 2018
[amount confidential]

censhare AG

EIB Debt Facility
December 2017
€ 25 million

voxeljet AG

R&D-Financing Debt Facility
November 2017
€ 25 million


The FCF SmallCap / MidCap research reports are periodically updated and cover eight specific sectors as well as certain general capital market developments. Based on the data of publicly listed European corporates, the respective sector and market are individually analyzed. Our systematic analyses include information to, amongst others:

Sector Research

Sectors covered by FCF research include automotive supply, chemicals, forestry / paper / packaging, industrial machinery, logistics, infrastructure & construction, metals & materials, pharma as well as TMT (technology, media, telecommunication).
Fundamental analysis, such as historic and anticipated growth rates (e.g. revenues, profitability) as well as margins.

Analysis of company valuation drivers, such as trading multiples, etc.

Key financial ratios for debt transactions, financing structures and WACC-development.

Rating development, analysis of the rating impact of key financial ratios.

Transactions, analysis of financing volume, league tables of most active investors.

Automotive Supplier Market Study
Research on the automotive supplier sector based on available data from European automotive suppliers.

European Chemicals Market Study
Research on the chemicals sector based on available data from European chemical companies.

Forestry Paper and Packaging Market Study Cover GenericForestry, Paper and Packaging Market Study Research on the forestry, paper and packaging sector based on available data from European forestry, paper and packaging companies.

Industrial Machinery Market Study
Research on the industrial machinery sector based on available data from European industrial machinery companies.

Metals and Materials Market Study CoverMetals & Materials Market Study
Research on the metals & materials sector based on available data from European metals & materials producers.

Logistics & Transportation Market Study
Research on the logistics and transport sector based on publicly available data from European logistics and transportation providers.

European Infrastructure & Construction Market Study
Research on the logistics and transport sector based on publicly available data from European logistics and transportation providers.

Pharmaceutical Market Study CoverEuropean Pharmaceutical Market Study
Research on the pharma sector based on available data from European pharma companies.

Pharmaceutical Market Study CoverTMT Market Study
Research on the TMT sector based on available data from European TMT companies.

Market Research

The FCF market research covers e.g. fundamental analysis of interest rate and margin development in the German corporate lending / debt market, development of the rating and credit standing of banks addressing the German MidCap corporate lending market, etc.

Bank Monitor
Analysis of the historic and current spreads of credit default swaps for banks most active in the German corporate lending market.

IPO Market Monitor
Providing relevant valuation metrics (e.g. ratios, multiples), general information and performance data of European IPOs that have been issued within the last six months.

Valuation Monitor
The FCF Valuation Monitor is a comprehensive quarterly valuation analysis (e.g. ratios and multiples) for the German small / midcap market segment of selected industry sectors.

Credit Monitor
Comprehensive analysis of the interest rate environment and loan market for corporates in Germany.


FCF TMT Market Study 2020 – published

FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH is pleased to publish the new “FCF TMT Market Study – 2020”.. Based on available data from European TMT companies, the FCF TMT Market Study is a detailed and comprehensive

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