FCF Biotech
Venture Capital Monitor

The FCF Biotech Venture Capital Monitor – USA is a monthly published overview of venture capital trends in the US-Biotech sector.

FCF Biotech Venture Capital Monitor - USA

As of the end of June 2021, we identify the following current VC trends in the US-Biotech sector:

  • In 2021, overall Biotech funding in the USA has reached USD 19,474m so far
  • Top 5 deals exceed USD 330m each, largest transaction amounted to USD 735m in Treeline Biosciences, Inc.
  • Logos Capital (USA) leads the Top 5 Investors (by deal volume), followed by ARCH Venture Partners (USA) and RA Capital Management (USA)
  • Oncology dominates as the top indication

Capital Markets Research

We constantly engage in capital markets research to identify financing trends early in the Life Sciences sector. Our research focuses on the most relevant equity markets: Venture Capital, Public Equity, Initial Public Offerings (IPO). The findings are currently published in the following publications: