FCF is a specialized Investment Bank and Financing Specialist, advising public and private mid-market companies in the German speaking regions:

  • Mid-market clients with an annual turnover of EUR 100 million to EUR 1 billion primarily within the traditional German industries such as Automotive, Communications, Industrials, Machinery, Pharma & Healthcare, Renewables, Software & IT, Transportation & Logistics
  • High-growth and venture-type companies in R&D- and patent-driven segments such as Life Sciences and Real-Technology

FCF arranges, structures, and places equity and debt capital and supports its clients’ growth, IPO/Pre-IPO, acquisition and standard balance sheet (re-)financing strategies.


Mid Market
Mid Market
Life Science
Life Science
Deep Tech
Deep Tech


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  • with the best conditions,
  • with the highest flexibility,
  • in the shortest period of time,
  • with the highest closing probability,
  • with long-lasting financial partners that suit the company’s objectives.
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of all relevant financial instruments across the debt and equity space:
    • 360-degree perspective, offering maximum independence and freedom
  • Complete financial markets insight with direct access to all relevant institutional investors and financiers
    • Strategic approach in searching and selecting suitable investors
  • Development, structuring and placing of comprehensive financial solutions combined with targeted financing measures
    • The most creative team, specialized in the financing of SMEs
    • Proactive, independent process management for strengthened negotiation leverage
  • Focus on SMEs in the DACH region
    • Quintessential medium-sized companies (“Mittelstand”) with revenues between EUR 100m and EUR 1,000m
    • Fast growing companies operating established and proven business models
    • Ultra-high growth, innovative companies with revolutionary technologies / products, for instance in life science and high-tech
  • Access to & established network with the largest families, family offices and Ultra High Net Worth investors
  • Discrete, bilateral discussions behind closed doors
  • Direct investments with entrepreneurial and co-operative approach
  • Long-term investment horizons all the way to evergreen funding
  • Direct access to key executives at all top-tier and mid-sized investment banks
    • to the market-leading, market-influencing sector experts
    • to investment banking, capital markets and research departments
  • Top-tier institutional US investors with focus on and interest in DACH enterprises
  • Contact to selected “high profile” Ultra High Net Worth investors and family offices
  • Exclusive dialog with the entrepreneurs / owners
  • 100% focus on the requirements and interests
  • Confidant and creative motivator in the decision-making process
  • Maximization of alternative courses of action


Doppstadt Familienholding GmbH

Syndicated Loan, Factoring and Warehousing Facility
June 2019
€ 80 million

Synapticon GmbH

June 2019
[amount confidential]

Synapticon GmbH

Capital Increase
January 2019
> € 10 million

Investment in

Advisor to AkrosA Private Equity GmbH & Co. KG
December 2018
> € 10 million