FCF IPO Market Monitor

The FCF IPO Market Monitor is the most comprehensive analysis of European IPOs, providing relevant valuation metrics (e.g. ratios, multiples), general information and performance data of European IPOs that have been issued within the last six months such as

  • Advisory Information
  • Growth Analysis
  • Index Performance
  • Key IPO Statistics
  • Market Volatility Analysis
  • Multiple Analysis
  • Pricing and Volume Analysis
  • Share Price / Trading Analysis
  • Size Segment Analysis
  • Valuations

FCF prepares customized IPO studies upon request for topics such as

  • US German IPO market comparison
  • Sector IPO analysis
  • Impact study of different market phases / timing on IPO characteristics
  • Size impact on IPO performance (micro vs. small vs. medium vs. large cap)
  • Impact analysis of equity story and fundamental performance in IPO and post-IPO scenarios
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