Josef Ramthun, CEO and Shareholder, JORA Holding GmbH & Co. KG

“The JORA Group, consisting of the two aluminum / iron foundries Franken Guss and Sachsen Guss, has reorganized its financing structure with the support of FCF. In a multi-stage process, the existing financing was refinanced through a bank financing in combination with a factoring facility and additional liquidity was generated. The objective of the new structure was to implement a long-term, crisis-resistant financing with sufficient flexibility, headroom and liquidity for the operating business and the further growth of the group. Despite the challenging market situation after the outbreak of the Ukraine war and the related energy crisis, we successfully achieved our goal thanks to FCF’s professional advice.”


Florian Seibel, Managing Director, Quantum-Systems GmbH

“Together with FCF Quantum System executed a financing process considering multiple financing options. The venture debt with European Investment Bank allowed us to obtain substantial growth funding right now but also to postpone a large scale equity round to later point in time with a higher valuation. With the fresh EIB financing, we want to expand our research and development capacities in the areas of autonomous flight and artificial intelligence and drive the further vertical integration of system-critical components of the vertical take-off and landing drone.”


Prof. Dr. Heiner Diefenbach, CFO & Managing Director, SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE

“With the support of FCF, we secured a EUR 30m loan for research, development and innovation from the European Investment Bank (EIB) in order to finance the further development of our data transformation platform CrystalBridge. The long-term financing from the EIB at excellent conditions is an important building block for us, as a listed software company, to realize our planned growth target. We were able to benefit from FCF’s outstanding financing expertise throughout the entire process, from information preparation and application to disbursement”


Dr. Daniel Vitt, CEO, Immunic AG

“The financing is a great success for Immunic as it provides us with additional funds for the development of our most advanced drug candidate, IMU-838, for the treatment of COVID-19. We would like to thank FCF and the team around Mathias Schott for the highly professional and committed consultancy to realize this project.”


Hannes Hoehmüller, CFO, ROBART

“With the help of FCF, we were able to work out how our financing needs fit in with EIB’s eligibility criteria. We have benefited considerably from FCF’s experience and its network with EIB. We are now looking forward to using the new funds to further accelerate the development and the enforced market cultivation with speed – and our shareholders are also pleased that the fresh growth capital will only result in a slight dilution of the shares.“


Dr. Konrad Kerres, CFO, Doppstadt Familienholding GmbH

The financial base of Doppstadt Group saw a further increase in solidity and flexibility thanks to the optimized financing structure implemented together with FCF in a fast transaction process of only 6 month. The combination of a syndicated loan with other financing instruments allows for significant interest savings over the next years – even in the current low interest environment – and forms the base for future investments and growth initiatives.


Cornelius von der Heydt, COO, Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies mandated FCF as advisor for the financing process to access leading investors and to ensure a stringent and professional process. FCF’s involvement helped to focus all parties on our process timeline and establish a streamlined closing-oriented sentiment among the investors.


Nikolai Ensslen, CEO & President, Synapticon GmbH

FCF advised synapticon on the structuring and placement of our Series B financing round. Having placed a Series A financing without advisor previously, we were clearly able to see the advantages of having a professional advisor – and FCF in particular – on our side during this round. Besides providing unique access to a wide range of investors, liberating the founding team / management from time consuming tasks such as investor deck creation & initial investor approach, orchestrating a competitive term-sheet negotiation process and professional process management, FCF acted as a trusted sparring partner in all transaction phases and enabled a smooth and speedy process.


Rana Matthias Nag, CFO, pfenning logistics

“KMP Holding together with FCF, as the exclusive financial advisor, successfully placed the first syndicated financing in the company’s history. With the raised funds, we were able to secure the necessary capital to continue to grow our business over the next 5 years.

The FCF team has impressively imparted their expertise and experience throughout the process, from the preparatory phase to closing and has delivered what they promised.

We would like to thank you for the professional advice and the excellent result.”


Stephan Wehselau, former CFO, censhare AG

“In addition to a growth participation of the DuMont media group, censhare AG was looking for further capital for research and development.  

FCF could convince with its innovative and holistic financing considerations. By concluding a loan agreement for research, development and innovation with the European Investment Bank (EIB) amounting to EUR 25m, we can accelerate our growth path and expand our position as a leading provider of integrated marketing software solutions.  

For the close cooperation and professional advice, we would like to thank the FCF Team! “


Dr. Wilfried Fischer, CEO, AMW GmbH

“Thanks to FCF’s excellent relationship with the EIB, a detailed preparation phase and professional execution, AMW GmbH was able to complete a EUR 25m loan with the EIB. With this funding, AMW GmbH can expedite the development of innovative new drugs, carry out more clinical studies and expand its production capacities. The inclusion of long-term debt capital enabled comparatively favourable pricing without diluting the existing shareholder stakes. FCF’s wealth of experience working with the EIB also enabled us to focus on our operations and development pipeline during the process.

We would like to sincerely thank FCF for its collaborative partnership / advice and ideal procurement of financing capital!”


Nikolaus Külps, CEO, Schnellecke Group AG & Co. KG

“Together with FCF, we were able to develop and define the optimal (re-)financing strategy for the Schnellecke Group in an intensive, detailed preparation phase.

In a self-determined, dominant process, we have fully achieved the objectives set by us, such as increasing the independence from banks and maximizing the security and flexibility in volatile markets, as well as a sustainable, long-term financing structure at excellent terms.

We would like to thank the FCF team for the very close and candid cooperation, the creativity in the development of the (re-)financing strategy and the forward-looking process management.”


Stefan Ziegler, CEO, Ziegler Holzindustrie GmbH & Co. KG

“We would like to thank FCF for the excellent co-operation and advice during the “reset” of our financing structure. FCF pointed out new financing options and then coordinated and supported the implementation of the most attractive financing structure: a syndicate loan with co-operative existing banks and motivated new entrants to the club. Having alternatives to the conventional bank-financing enabled us to reach our transaction goals: a flexible financing structure with a higher financing volume at lower financing costs.”


Bernd Ranneberg, former CEO, Karl Tönsmeier Entsorgungswirtschaft GmbH & Co. KG

“During the best part of three years, FCF advised the Tönsmeier Group on our financing strategy and supported Tönsmeier on the alignment of financing and corporate strategies.  During this time, FCF managed three financing processes for several of our business units in Germany and Poland, including bilateral loan agreements, factoring, leasing and syndicated loans transactions, while perfectly aligning these financing instruments with our corporate development strategy.

The FCF team supported our treasury departments not only in developing and managing the communication with our various financing providers, but also in selecting and educating new banks, negotiating highly attractive terms & conditions and setting-up a financing package which allows the Tönsmeier Group to concentrate on corporate development and prospective growth for the next years. The highly experienced FCF team not only improved interest rates but also concentrated on negotiating covenant and security packages with sufficient headroom and flexibility.”


Stefan Müller-Arends, CEO, Muehlhan AG

“Working together with FCF on our syndicated loan financing I got to know FCF to be more than a dedicated service provider, but a creative advisor, ready to handle all adversities throughout the financing process, always keeping our best interest and (financing) strategy in mind. Overall, the FCF team was at all times the trusted sparring partner of the management team.”


Dieter Manz, former CEO, Manz AG

“As our existing banks were reluctant to finance R&D investments into our thin-film solar segment, we approached FCF to find a financing solution. FCF swiftly presented several structural options including equity and subordinated loan structures as well as the potential investors/financiers for the respective transactions. Together with FCF, Manz AG concluded that a debt financing would be more attractive for Manz and approached a select group of potential investors. Among those was the European Investment Bank offering a facility based on an EU financing program for innovative SMEs. During the transaction process with the European Investment Bank, a junior financing structure was developed with the help of FCF integrating very favorably behind  our existing bank structure. We were impressed by FCF creativity, high level of professionalism and experience helping us to secure the optimal financing structure.”


Harry Böhm, former CFO, Novaled GmbH

“FCF’s independent perspectives proved to be a rather valuable resource for Novaled throughout the entire IPO / M&A dual track process. The team’s experience significantly sped up the preparation of positioning, financial and regulatory information. Subsequently, FCF orchestrated a competitive selection process for our global coordinator as well as our issuer counsel. Upon our decision to favour a strategic investor, our negotiation leverage certainly benefitted from the closely coordinated effort of our investment banks Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, our legal counsel Sullivan & Cromwell and our independent advisor FCF, resulting in a smooth transaction with Samsung.”


Jörg Hüsken, former Co-CEO, COTESA GmbH

“FCF advised Cotesa and its shareholders with regards to a capital increase and blocktrade transaction. Specifically, the FCF team provided for valuable insights with regards to process strategy and tactics, valuation, selection of the appropriate financing structure and identification of the most suitable financing partner.  

The approach taken by FCF was very well received by the market, resulting in a highly competitive process with leading institutional investors, a strong negotiating position and favourable terms and conditions.

Consequently, Cotesa found a new investor to support the company’s future growth strategy as one of the leading suppliers of carbon composite parts to the aerospace and automotive industries.

FCF’s in-depth understanding of the fast growing and evolving market in combination with its transaction experience contributed substantially to securing the financing for Cotesa’s future growth.”


Dr. Bernd Köhler, former CFO, TA Triumph-Adler GmbH

“Benefiting from FCF’s broad and in-depth experience and constant support, TA was able to execute a highly complex refinancing transaction involving several innovative debt and equity financing instruments. Only a genuinely independent advisor like FCF is able to analyse and identify the optimal solution for its customers. Mr. Fuchs’s extensive network and in-depth understanding of investor needs proved to be indispensable for the placement of the capital increase with leading institutional investors.”


Dr. Christian Hollenberg, Managing Partner, Orlando Management GmbH

”FCF advised Orlando Management GmbH regarding the structuring, negotiation and placement of the asset-based financing for the acquisition of Pallhuber GmbH & Co. KG from Foster’s Group Limited. Without FCF and its financing advisory, Orlando would have been required to use considerably more equity to acquire Pallhuber.”