IPO plans for magic-mushroom-holding: How good is the new project of German investor Christian Angermayer? | Handelsblatt 10.06.2021 – Quotes by FCF

On Thursday, June 10, the German newspaper “Handelsblatt” reported online and in its print version on the planned IPO of ATAI Life Sciences, a German company specializing in psychedelic drugs. Previously labeled as narcotic drugs, ATAI Life Sciences’ psychedelic-based medications could soon be used to treat depression and anxiety.

“What sounds outlandish to many is seen by investors and medical professionals as an opportunity for shareholders and patients.. […] “These substances have long been taboo in research. That is now changing,” says Mathias Schott of Munich-based financing specialist FCF. He trusts Angermayer to convince investors of the opportunities with his commitment. Like Tesla founder Elon Musk, the German is prepared to promote his investments strongly in public.”

For the Handelsblatt article (in German), please click here.


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