FCF Industrial Machinery Monitor

FCF regularly engages in research on the industrial machinery sector based on available data from European industrial machinery companies. The findings are regularly published in the


The analysis includes:

Market: Fundamental data, such as historic and projected growth rates (sales, profitability) and margins

Equity: Historic, recent and projected company valuation levels, such as trading multiples and valuation drivers

Debt: Relevant financial metrics for debt transactions, financing structures / trends and WACC development

Rating: Historic rating development, impact analysis of financial metrics and ratios on firm rating

PE: Historical deals, analysis of funding volumes and league table of the most active / financially powerful investors

The selection of companies is primarily based on the following criteria:

  • Listed companies headquartered in Europe (excl. Russia)
  • Total revenues (Last Twelve Months) > EUR 100m and < EUR 10,000m
  • Market Capitalization > EUR 100m
  • Industrial machinery industry classification
  • Majority revenues from the sale of complete machinery for different applications and sectors (pure component producers are excluded)
  • Available financial forecasts
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