Sean Jiang

Sean is a founding partner and CEO of Shanghai YAFO Capital and Co-CEO of Cukierman-YAFO Investment. He has over 15 years Wall Street experience in investment banking, M&A, and investments in both Israeli and American technology companies. He has worked with US and China investment banks and was the Chinese General Manager of ISI Group (NY) and Managing Director of ISI research. Before that, Sean was a senior research analyst at Roth Capital (LA) where he was involved in multiple cross-border transactions. At Xiangcai Securities, a leading investment bank in Shanghai, he was the executive director responsible for advising foreign institutional investors on Chinese stock markets.

Sean is now a visiting professor at Concordia University (Wisconsin) and CFA Charter holder. He received his MBA from Pepperdine University, his Master in finance from Fudan University, and his Bachelor in Economics from Central South University of China.