Debt Case Study: AMW GmbH

EUR 25m European Investment Bank Growth Finance Facility

Company Description

  • The Company is a full-service, one-stop-shop pharma company, developing complex and innovative drug delivery systems:
    • Transdermal delivery systems, e.g. patches
    • Parenteral delivery systems, e.g. implants
  • The Company successfully develops attractive and innovative branded generics for oncology and neurology / psychiatry therapies, pain management and hormonal treatments
  • AMW focuses predominantly on prescription products (RX), with only a few non-prescription products (OTC) in its portfolio
  • The Company´s strategy is to develop and license own products to global pharma companies, while still working on selected contract research and manufacturing projects
  • Additionally, AMW develops new advanced drug delivery systems, e.g. microchip controlled patches or subcutaneous biodegradable implants

Transaction Highlights

  • To promote future growth, the Company intends to:
    • Administer new clinical studies for the development and registration
      of new drug delivery systems for various indications, e.g. breast
      cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and ongoing strong pain
    • Develop innovative production technologies together with the
      installation of state-of-the-art R&D / production facilities
  • FCF suggested to apply for an EIB development debt facility
  • The most relevant advantages of the EIB debt for the company are:
    • The possibility of large financing volumes combined with lower costs compared to equity
    • The EIB as a financing partner with long-term horizon and the non-dilution of the shareholder structure
    • Low proportion of cash-based and high proportion of performance based interest rate

Key Financials

Financing Options

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