FCF is excited to announce the participation of Johannes Link, Associate, and a valuable member of our Life Sciences team, at the Health Tech Challengers event during the Health Tech Forward conference. This event takes place in Warsaw on November 28-29, 2023.

The Health Tech Forward conference brings together renowned digital health entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. It is an excellent platform for exploring the evolving trends in  Healthtech and the influence of AI on the healthcare and life sciences industry.

Johannes Link, with his specialized focus on equity and debt financing in the life sciences sector, will be contributing his expertise as a jury member. His involvement in areas such as Gender Specific Health, Nutrition, Metabolic & Gut Health, and Chronic Disease Management is a testament to his extensive knowledge and commitment to the advancement of health technology.

We invite you to join Johannes and the global health tech community in Warsaw for this dynamic event, featuring inspiring keynote addresses, engaging panel discussions, and interactive sessions that spotlight groundbreaking technologies in digital health.

Health Tech Forward conference | Feel the pulse of Digital Health