Biotech Forum
Winter Showcase 2022
January 4th to 13th (Online & San Francisco)
The Largest CHINA Corporate ACCESS Event During JPM Week


We cordially invite you to join our “ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum @ JPM Week 2022” to be held online from January 4th to 13th 2022. As the largest CHINA corporate access event during the JPM WEEK in 2022, the forum expects to have over 1000 participants from China pharma and biotech companies. The two-week event is divided into the following sessions:

  • Keynote Speeches
  • China Innovation Day
  • China Biotech Presentations
  • Global Biotech Roadshows
  • South Korea Biotech Presentations
  • YAFO East-Meet-West Dinner in SF

Witness the emergence of China biotech innovation

As of November 5th, in 2021 there has been 29 China out-licensing and 93 in-licensing transactions have been successfully closed, representing a 20+% YOY growth. It is a symbol of the rise of China biotech innovation as a result of China’s massive investment and favorable regulatory changes. As a facilitator between China biotech innovation and the rest of the world, our forum plans to present 50+ China and 50+ global biotech companies who are looking for partnering opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming you at our winter showcase in January!


ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum Committee

Two-Week ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum Agenda

Pre-JPM Week
Jan. 4th - 7th
JPM Week
Jan. 10th - 13th
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Company Roadshows in Oncology/ CNS / Cardiovascular / Ophthalmology / Orthopedics / Autoimmune Disease
  • China Innovation Day
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Company Roadshows in Platform Technology / Genitourinary / Gynecology / Pediatric / Dermatology / Respiratory / Infectious Disease / GI / IVD/Medical Devices.
  • YAFO East-Meet-West Dinner

Who should present ?

Global pharma & biotech companies:
  • Looking for out-/in-licensing opportunities in China
  • With clinical-stage pharmaceutical assets
  • Focusing on Oncology, CNS, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, GI, and other therapeutic areas

Who are the attendees ?

  • 50% are Chinese pharma/biotechs looking for in-licensing opportunities to enrich pipeline
  • 25% are pharma/biotechs outside China looking for in-licensing opportunities to enrich pipeline in China and other regions
  • 15% are VCs and PEs looking for pharma/biotech investment opportunities
C-Level BD
80% are C-level executives & BDs

How to register?

For registration, please go to:
To apply for a “Presenting Slot”, you simply need to fill in and submit the application form along with your company presentation. Once approved by AC Forum Committee, you will be offered a slot to present.

ACCESS CHINA past events

ACCESS CHINA is a series of events that YAFO organizes each year, including East-Meet-West Mixing Dinner @ JPM Week, CHINA Biotech Forum (each September in China), and ACCESS CHINA Online Partnering. During 2021 we have helped 300+ companies present their products in front of global pharma and VC/PEs. Some presenters have successfully partnered in China after presenting.


KOLs & Speakers @ ACCESS CHINA 2021

During ACCESS CHINA Biotech Forum @ JPM Week 2021, we invited dozens of key opinion leaders in China pharma industry and the top biotech to share their views of the industry, the trend and the top-tier technology.

Jeffrey Zhang
Summit Chair, CHBD
Cynthia Wang
BD Head, Servier China
Michael Altorfer
CEO, Swiss Biotech Association
Steve Engen
Founder&President, Renexes LLC
Jimmy Jin
Senior Director of BD Becton Dickinson
Tina Hou
Global Partner, Mckinsey
Jiaxi Xu
Chief Analyst, Industrial Securities
Wenjun Sun
SVP BD, JW Therapeutics
Luna Ji
Director of Search and Evaluation Pacific BD&L Hub, MSD
Zigen Wang
BD Director Huadong Medicine
Xiangyang Du
Chief Analyst, the pharmaceutical industry, Southwest Securities
Betty Huang
BD Head, Bayer China

Previous attendees from China

ACCESS CHINA Online Partnering Day

3-Step Process

Step 1.
Presentation Submission & Review
Company submits application form with partnering objectives (licensing, capital raising, M&A, etc)
ACCESS CHINA Committee will review the opportunity in the related therapeutic areas and accept the application.
Step 2.
Online Presentation
YAFO Life Sciences banking team will help you to prepare and coordinate for the conference day.
Company will present either via recording presentation or live presentation. Presentation will be available on demand for 7 days after the live day
Step 3.
Customized Exposure & Deal Closing
YAFO will expose company to a larger and customized list based on our investor base in related therapeutic area (for YAFO clients only).
Facilitate the signing of LOI/Term Sheet, Due Diligence, and closing of the transaction.


For global biopharma companies
No need to wait for months to spend time and money for a physical event in China. As ACCESS CHINA has 4 Online Partnering Day events through the year, you are welcome to join us when you are ready.

For Chinese biopharma companies
ACCESS CHINA has strong coverage of pharmaceutical and biotech companies from North America, Europe, MENA and APAC regions. This offers you an ideal channel to meet with potential outlicensing or commercial partners in different regions.


During the live showcase held at ACCESS CHINA Online Partnering Day, presenters can discuss their pipeline, R&D activities, fundraising goals, and expectations from China market. Event audiences will come from 2,000+ BD Directors & Executives from biopharma companies and PE/VCs.


For audiences missing the live presentations, presentations on demand will be available for one week after the live day. This will give the presenters even broader exposure.


To apply for a “Presenting Slot”, you simply need to submit the application form and your company presentation. Once approved by ACCESS CHINA Forum Committee, you will be offered a slot to present.