FCF Life Sciences Venture Capital Report – 2020 published

FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH is delighted to publish the new “FCF Life Sciences Venture Capital Report – 2020”.

The Venture Capital Report, part of FCF Life Sciences Research Series, is the most detailed and comprehensive analysis of venture capital funding activities of European biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Categorized by subsectors / indications, it provides a detailed investigation on funding dynamics in Europe and the US.

The following trends were noted over the past year:

  • Financing volumes in the European Life Sciences sector have reached a new record high of approximately EUR 8.6bn in 2020 (an increase of +38% compared to 2019) while the number of deals have slightly decreased
  • UK continued to record the most transactions and highest volumes throughout the last 5 years
  • In 2020, the biotechnology sector leads with EUR 5.3bn, by far, in aggregated deal volumes, however, the medical technology sector has recorded the highest number of deals (465)
  • Oncology was again the most targeted indication within the biotechnology sector in 2020 (96 deals), followed by Infectious Diseases with 35 deals
  • With a financing volume of EUR 560m, CureVac is leading the top 10 European Life Sciences Deals in 2020
  • Cross-border investors tend to play a more important role, especially in later stage rounds, with the US being the most important cross-border investor in Europe

The selection of companies is based on the following criteria:

  • Companies operating in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology, Health Technology or other life sciences related sectors
  • Sole focus on transactions involving European life sciences companies, also taking “company funding deals” into account
  • The therapeutics sector is further divided into the following indications: Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System, Dermatology, Ear Nose Throat Disorders, Gastrointestinal, Genetic Disorders, Genito Urinary System, Hematological Disorders, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Metabolic Disorders, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Respiratory, Women’s Health and Others

To access the full report, please click here.

By Dr. Mathias Schott, Sebastian Sommer and Alexander Kuhn