German Equity Forum

deutsches Eigenkapitalforum

German Equity Forum 2014 – Entrepreneurs meet investors.
18 years of network platform for companies, analysts and investors. Matching Platform since 1996.

FCF is main sponsor of the advisory committee of Germany’s largest and most prestigious capital markets conference “Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum”.

The German Equity Forum is one of the most established capital market events for corporate financing in Europe attracting around 10.000 attendees annually for the past two decades.

At the event, which has been organized by Deutsche Börse since 1996, companies of all sizes and sectors report new developments and present their latest financial figures.

Institutional investors, analysts, as well as private equity and venture capital investors will have the opportunity to expand their network with key decision makers from listed and unlisted companies’ helping them to make more informed investment decisions.
Thousands of participants from the global financial sector, German and international entrepreneurs as well as investors and analysts are expected to attend the event.