FCF Life Sciences: Cool off for SPAC-Boom

  • Number of SPAC IPOs has stagnated since April
  • Potential reason could be a Statement from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • 611 SPAC IPOs since May 2020

Munich, May 18, 2021 – The boom around Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) has suffered from a cool off since April. The number of SPAC IPOs as well as the number of SPACs currently in the IPO pipeline have declined significantly since last month. This is the result of an analysis by Munich-based financing specialist FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH. Since May 2020, 611 SPACs have been successfully listed on a public stock exchange. More than half of the IPOs took place within the first quarter of 2021 (317 IPOs). The current SPAC IPO pipeline consists of 324 SPACs.

“A potential reason for the current stagnant situation could be an official statement by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published in mid-April 2021”, explains Dr. Mathias Schott, head of FCF Life Sciences. The SEC expressed its concerns regarding the current treatment of SPAC warrants as equity. The warrants may need to be re-classified as liabilities depending on the payout structure, settlement in cash or stock, or whether their value is tied solely to the performance of the underlying stock. The potential change in accounting may cause a delay in the process and additional costs as SPACs that have announced their IPO may need to adjust their financial statements and have them re-audited.

In total, SPACs have acquired healthcare companies for USD 3.54bn – currently valued at a market capitalization of USD 17.16bn. 47 percent of the merged SPACs have shown a positive share price development since the announcement, whereas 53 percent have experienced a negative development.

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