FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH advises ROBART GmbH on venture debt financing

Linz/Munich, 27 March 2020 – FCF Fox Corporate Finance is acting as advisor to ROBART GmbH, an Austrian growth company in the field of robotics, in the execution of a venture debt financing with the European Investment Bank (EIB).

“As a fast-growing technology company and venture capital-financed late-stage start-up, ROBART is constantly faced with the challenge of financing its further development,” explains Florian Theyermann, Director at financing specialist FCF. Research and development (R&D), building up of distribution networks and working capital, possibly even investments in fixed assets are usually financed with equity capital for companies in this stage. “But with venture debt we have found an alternative for ROBART that combines the advantages of venture capital – such as availability even before break-even – and debt capital – there is little shareholders dilution”, continues Florian Theyermann.

ROBART GmbH is the technology leader for AI navigation systems for household and cleaning robots. The company develops innovative navigation solutions and combines AI software, patented LIDAR technology and IoT services to enable intelligent robot navigation and efficient human-robot interaction. “Our products and services allow our customers – well-known home appliance brands, but often without robotics know-how – to bring mobile robots to market quickly and easily. Our vision is to open up new fields of application – safety, home care – with ROBART’s AI navigation solutions” explains Mr. Harold Artés, CEO of ROBART.

With EIB, ROBART has found the ideal venture-debt investor for the upcoming growth phase. The bullet loan of nine million euros from the EIB accelerates the further development of the company. Large parts of the R&D expenditure (personnel, materials, allocations), but also of the sales and marketing costs, as well as the build-up of working capital, can now be financed with the EIB funds in tranches tailored to demand.

“With the help of FCF, we were able to work out how our financing needs fit in with EIB’s eligibility criteria. We have benefited considerably from FCF’s experience and its network with EIB. We are now looking forward to using the new funds to further accelerate the development and the enforced market cultivation with speed – and our shareholders are also pleased that the fresh growth capital will only result in a slight dilution of the shares”, says Hannes Hoehmüller, CFO of ROBART.

The EIB loan is part of the “InnovFin – EU Finance for Innovators” program, which provides innovative companies with access to alternative financing. This EUR 15 billion program is part of the Horizon 2020 initiative, a package of research and innovation projects funded by the European Union and the European Commission.


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