FCF Bank Monitor – Q4 2021 published

FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH is delighted to publish the new “FCF Bank Monitor – Q4 2021”.

FCF regularly engages in research on the banking sector based on available data from the most active and largest 22 banking institutions in the German Mittelstand. The findings are published quarterly in the FCF Bank Monitor.

The FCF Bank Monitor includes:

Credit Default Swaps: Analysis of the 1-/5-/10-Year Credit Default Swaps (CDS) Spreads, which serve as forward-looking risk indicators within the banking sector

Rating: Rating information of the large rating agencies

Performance: Key fundamental performance indicators for financial institutions

Bank Ranking: A ranking based on above criteria provides insight into the health and market perspective of the individual banking institutions, in addition to highlighting the relative performance between the institutions

League Tables: Most active banks in German mid-cap segment by lending volume

The FCF Bank Monitor should aid every executive in the German Mittelstand in the selection of their long-term banking partner, following the motto “Know-Your-Bank”.

Key findings of the FCF Bank Monitor (Q4 2021):

  • 1-Year CDS Spreads: 7.0 bps to 45.7 bps (factor 6.5x)
  • 5-Year CDS Spreads: 23.8 bps to 69.2 bps (factor 2.9x)
  • 10-Year CDS Spreads: 38.5 bps to 103.2 bps (factor 2.7x)
  • Ratings: AA- to BBB (factor 5 rating notches)
  • League Table (Top 3): ING Bank, Credit Agricole, DZ Bank

To access the full report, please click here.

By Marcel Lange, Tristan Blümli and Mathias Übler.