Testimonials of former interns


The main difference between an internship with FCF and other companies is that you’ll be treated from the beginning on as a fully-fledged member of the team, rather than a typical intern. What I was most impressed with is the responsibility I was given throughout my daily business tasks. Here, I was not only responsible for financial data or management presentations, but also for my own projects. Exactly this “Entrepreneurial Thinking” makes the experience at FCF a unique one.

Ideas at FCF are highly appreciated. Ideas that possess the potential to directly affect future research projects and presentations. Interns are deeply integrated in the process of idea generation and of course supported during their realisation, like I was during the creation of the “IPO Monitor” and the “Life Science Study”.

A small but dynamic team guarantees the steady flow information. Being an intern, it is very important to get an understanding of why and how things are done as well as to connect the dots. This is guaranteed through the deep integration of interns in the daily business tasks which helped me to have a steep learning curve and to see the big picture. 

These qualities of my internship convinced me as well to start as an analyst at FCF.

Sebastian Sommer

Internship with FCF September 2016 – March 2017

 “Interning at FCF provided me with an eye-opening experience into the world of Investment Banking. I immediately felt welcome in the team, which helped accelerate the learning process. From the outset, I was included in the daily functions, supporting colleagues in the creation of new client material as well as financial analyses and modelling. The flat organization structure and strong team integration allowed me to learn and understand the ins and outs of corporate finance as well as contribute on different, interesting projects. The strong focus on tailor-made financing solutions exposed me to a variety of different financing instruments and showed me how these can be combined to maximize the objectives for each company.” 

Tristan Blümli

“I interned at FCF in the investment banking division from April until September 2012. From the very beginning I felt welcome in the team. For me, the relatively small number of colleagues was a benefit with respect to learning the technical know-how that is essential for investment bankers. At FCF, in contrast to some larger companies, I was able to contribute to a variety of projects with different requirements. Peer group analysis, multiples and DCF were no longer just empty phrases but my daily business. By and large, FCF offered me a comprehensive and challenging in-depth look into corporate finance from which I still benefit.”

Stefan Kunz

“From day one, I was able to work directly on running deals together with the FCF team. I got deep knowledge of the essential tools and processes in investment banking. Tasks were challenging and I was able to substantially increase my corporate valuation expertise. Apart from deal-related tasks, I had the chance to participate in FCF’s first IPO Conference. This gave me the opportunity to directly reach out to potential clients and partners. Training programs on ADR trading further gave me deep insights into alternative financing options for German small- and mid-caps. I later applied this knowledge when writing my master’s thesis.”

Moritz von Rhein

“FCF provides ambitious students with an excellent opportunity to dip into the world of corporate finance for SMEs. Starting on day one, you support the team in providing a broad spectrum of tailored financing solutions to corporates, entrepreneurs and investors, ranging from early-stage growth to small- and mid-cap publicly traded entities. In doing so, learning-opportunities arise that allow you to apply your theoretical, academic knowledge to real-world scenarios. Valuing companies, identifying potential investors and screening markets for potential acquisition targets will all be within your scope of duties.”

Mathias Mühl