Largest crossover financing rounds well above EUR 130m


With 13 out of 15 companies, the largest crossover rounds in Life Sciences since 2016 are clearly dominated by biotech companies. However, the largest crossover financing was raised by the Chinese healthcare services company Ping An Good Doctor in the amount of EUR 939m. Until its IPO in 2018, the company had raised in total astonishing EUR 1,380m.

In Europe, CureVac received the largest crossover financing in the amount of EUR 560m and even exceeds the total capital raised until IPO of Ping An Good Doctor by EUR 75m!

In the US, Lyell Immunopharma leads the ranking with its EUR 451m crossover round in 2020. Due to the extraordinary high number of large financing rounds in the US, the top 5 crossover transactions start at significantly higher volumes than in Europe or China.

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